Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder - 1 - 1

How it all began

On the streets children played. In the school yard teaches prepared their lessons from partially torn textbooks. The bakers and butchers were having a day, packaging and preparing the community food stocks for distribution. Along the wall the men and women of the guard kept a watchful eye for any threats along the horizon.
On a clear day you can see the the smoke from the fires of Union and Overlook from Avalon. The horizon etched with trees and lush fields. From a distance look safe and welcoming. Yet under the calm exterior creatures burrowed in the dirt. vial entities awaiting prey greater then passing deer.
The few birds scattered into the sky as the noise shook and rattled the homes of the alliance communities. Like a passing roll of thunder the helicopter broke that usual dull sounds of the settlements. The guards looked on in shock and awe. It’s been nearly 15 years since anyone has sen a working machine of flight.
Quickly the helicopter flew over the cities and began to ascend once again. Before it could gain much altitude small bipedal creatures came hurdling from the horizon. Those lucky enough to make it; latched onto the helicopter, clawing and tearing at it’s metal, the others, painted the walls and surrounding area with their own natural pigments.
The machine soon loses control it’s body spinning in the air. Several bodies fall from the sky, to high and to far away to tell if they were men of demon. Soon strips of metal are pulled away and the hull buckles. The craft is nearly torn apart by the power of it’s own engine, the raw uncontrolled torque twists it like a Twizzlers and the craft is flung into the distance like a toy.



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