Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder - 1 - 3

The two groups look across the south side of the field at one another. Stealth difficult if not impossible in this terrain. The large Ursan Beastman with a large Reptilian Beastman bare no signs of malice, only readiness. The two Humans and the Felidaen Beastman hold themselves the with the stature of the battleworn, at the edge of battle waiting for a sign. Silence ripples across the burned field. The heightened tension only amplified by the hardness of breath as the smoke and ash in the air seems to crawl down their throats.

“NO BODY MOVE!” Shouts out a voice from the north side of the field. As 5 Soliders, covered in head to toe with a tight white body suit. Armor plates visable under the mesh. Each brandishing the red iron cross of the KKK, a thin blade at there sides and a long rifle currently trained on each of you, “I suggest you folks just walk away, this is our site now and that’s just how it’s going to be.”

Leonard keeps his gaze for a moment upon the 5 KKK and the 2 beastmen. From the side of his mouth he acknowledges Joseph’s eagerness for retribution, “Brother Joseph, I can sense your readiness to engage the enemy, and I can tell you’re of great skill with that crossbow, but there is a greater threat here then those KKK.” Leonard fixes his gaze upon the wreckage. Leonard believes there is something here hidden from plain sight that radiates demonic energy. He grips his shield ready to defend against the possible gun fire and demonic threat and takes a cautious but well planted step to help intercept gun fire toward Joseph and William.

Looking between the members of the other group and then back to the KKK soldiers, Ellisar takes in a cool breath and stares down at the distant barrel pointed at him.

“Now now boys, we already have the demons to fight, must we contend with each other as well?”

He doesn’t shift his stance or use aggressive hand gestures. The fact he is part bear is almost hard to fathom given his collected and casual demeanor.

Varanus glances over to Ellisar, “It’s a nice sentiment you’re going for.” Varanus knew this would end in a fight; there was no denying that. But something was off… the wreck seemed…ominous. Varanus’ breathing became heavy as he contemplated the idea of a swarm of demons spawning from the wreck and cascading over everyone present. He began looking around for something he could use as a bunker if such a thing happened, eyes darting around the scene.

Joseph raises a brow when the Ursine speaks honestly suprised he would try to treat with KKK. He already knows their answer will be bullets and violence. Their are simply too many beastmen in this group for the KKK to be comfortable.

When Leonard speaks though Joseph tilts his head to the side eyes glancing up at the large Lion and then his eyes dart back over to the Ursine making eye contact again and then darting his eyes over to the wreck hopefully to indicate that there is a potential third threat, but its hard to know if the Ursine will get it with the distance across the field.

While he doesnt know Leonard well he trusts his instincts and slides the other hand down unclipping the Steel Mace that hangs on his other hip. He stands in an interesting pose now crouched slightly with both hands down on weapons almost gunfighter style, but yet one hand hovers over a crossbow, the other over a considerably large steel mace.



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