Archaic Faith Based Demon Hunter Cross-Bow

An archaic faith based weapon used to hunt and defend against low level demons

weapon (ranged)

The Demon Hunter cross-bow was forged with enchantment and science to establish a means for the common to protect themselves against the demon horde. It channels one’s faith energy and amplifies that energy into a manifested spiritual “bullet” that disintegrates low level energies of darkness. Even though it is dubbed a “cross-bow” it has no moving parts and therefore harder to break. The “cross-bow” design was to symbolically honor the faith that created this weapon against the demons; albeit Leonard was against the particular physical design as he felt it was sacrilegious, even though symbolic, to infer a cross as that was the instrument used to murder the symbolic keystone to their faith. But the weapon was forged regardless and with responsibility taken in mind for those who the weapon would protect, Leonard and other enchanters enchanted the cross-bow to do as it’s purpose.


Sworn to himself to develop a means for people to protect themselves from demons, Leonard Lowenstein along with fellow leading religious scientists developed an item they dubbed the demon hunter. An enchanted item that channels the wielder’s faith energy into a tangible form that damages only demon energies. They spent 5 years developing it’s technology, and a few days after Leo’s 23rd birthday two prototypes were complete. One for Leo and one for Abigail, his mother, which are not to be mass produced until further testing and trial runs are made by Leo himself.

Archaic Faith Based Demon Hunter Cross-Bow

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