Advanced Skills and Powers

Advanced Skills and Powers.

Here is the list of Advanced skills and powers for the Torn Asunder setting. Advanced skills are expensive, but powerful and require a good reason why your character would have that particular skill. Usually the knowledge or ability is rare.
Powers are powerful and require a source. Power of humanity comes from it’s faith and belief. Each set of powers is broken up into the types of Faith or Group that inspired it’s template.

Advanced Skills
Astral Projection
Genetic Engineering

Norse Mythology
Japanese Shinto

Note: The Magic of the religions is based on an over exaggeration of lore, myths and practical rituals. Don’t be offended. If you feel my interpretation of the lore, Myth and use of practical rituals are off base, let me know, respectfully.

All Forms of magic share a set of rules.

The action value of any “power” under your control cannot exceed your base faith or group by more then double. You cannot alter the “Power” Advantages and Disadvantages during character generation. Characters always to the 9 action limit on the character sheet. Each Magic and their sub-actions use different action boxes.

Advanced Skills and Powers

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