Astral Projection

Astral Projection
Cost = Action Number

Astral travel allows your spirit to ravel from your body. Your body remains behind in a coma-like state, defenseless. Your spirit may fly and is invisible except as a pure life force. Don’t get into the habit of straying to far from your body. If the connection to your body is severed, or you become lost you lose 1 health per hour until 1 critical health remains, in which case your in a coma forever. Unless the GM says otherwise, if your body is slain, you are dead. Requires one sequence of preparation.

Note: Astral Projection can be done by anyone with the right training, with or without magic. This is believed to be because or the barriers between the physical world and that of spirits is weakened.


  • Leave body behind and travel as a spirit
  • Energy = Speed in Flight
  • If not moving, 1 energy per sequence to maintain.
  • Requires 1 sequence prep time.

Astral Projection

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