Every character must have at least 1 challenge. Challenges are part of your character background. Something about who they are that gives their lives difficulty. Each such challenge grants additional points for character building. YOU MUST TAKE AT LEAST ONE

Description Extra Points
Beast-Man 5 points
Minor Disability (Glasses, Hearing Aid, etc..) 3-9 points
Lost Sense (Blind/Deaf) 12-15 points
Restricted Movement (Wheelchair, crutches, etc) 9-15 points
Minor Psychological condition (Temper, Anxiety, Paranoia) 3-9 points
Won’t (Can’t) go certain places (Church, Heights, etc..) 5 points
Won’t Break the law 5 points
Major Psychological condition (Dissociation disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome, etc.. ) 9-15 points
Chronic Disease or Condition 3-9 points
Compulsion to stick up for the underdog 3-15 points
Haunted Past 3-15 points
Deadly enemies 3-15 points

These are just examples of challenges and you should feel free to discuss with your GM anything you think would work for you character. Also, a characters challenge represent personal challenges. You can’t take Deadly Enemy: Demons since EVERYONE has that as an unspoken setting constant. However you could have a Specific demon as a deadly enemy constantly seeking and hunting you down.

A character is limited to gaining only + 20 bonus points from challenges. This doe snot prevent you form having more challenges then that, but they will no longer grant points, but they may grant story-line favor and other intangible bonuses.


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