Christian Faith Magic

Core Faith:
Cost = Action Level + 2

The Christian faith is rooted in the core of the avoidance and absolution of sin and forgiveness. While there are many different forms of Christianity the core power template is the same, while some may not use some. Christian faith spell-casters are often referred to as “Priests”.


  • Base Magical Effects: Prestidigitation, “Cinematic” effects like generating light, lighting candles, heating/cooling liquids, carving/shaping soft materials (Ice, wood, packed dirt), Etc…
  • Enables the awareness of magical energies.
  • Free defense against Magical effects equal to Action Number.
  • Can create Holy Water and apply temporary “blessings”
  • Can attempt exorcism of demonic possession.

Once you Have your Core Faith you can purchase any of the following “Magical” Actions. you cannot exceed double your Core Faith’s Action Number.

Faith Healing
Cost = Action Number + 2

This action allows you to heal others of their injuries. With this you can:

  1. Heal or regenerate your action number of energy per segment. Costing the Healer 1 Energy per Energy “healed” to the target.
  2. Heal your Action Number in Health per day. At a cost of 3 energy per point of health healed to your target.

Energy “healed” cannot exceed the target’s current maximum.


  • Heal/Regenerate action number of Energy/Event
  • Spend 1 energy to heal/restore 1 energy.
  • Heal Action number of Health per day.
  • Spend 3 energy per 1 health to heal.
Cost = Action Number + 3

This action allows the Priest to inspire their fellows to greatness. This action takes at least a half hour to preform and lasts for a number of days equal to the Action number of the Priest. This action can effect whole crowds at a time. For every energy spent the Priest inspires their action number worth of people, granting them a single point of energy to be used on any action like general pool energy. If not used within a number of days equal to the Priest’s action number then the energy fades.
For every 2 energy spent beyond the first the priest can grant an additional point of energy to a single individual.

  • Inspire others to go beyond their limits
  • Assign bonus energy to listeners
  • Additional Bonus energy at 3,5,7 and 9 energy spent.
Blessed Weapon
Cost = Action Number + 2

This action allows the priest to summon forth their faith and instill it into a melee weapon they are wielding. A flaming aura manifests around a weapon a modifier to close combat equal to the energy placed into the action. This energy remains in the action as long as the weapon is in use. The Modifier can only be applied to archaic melee weapons.

  • Instill divine energy into a weapon.
  • Increases weapon’s Weapon Modifier for duration.


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