Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering
Cost = Action Number + 6

The character may permanently increase a targets Abilities, Actions or modifiers up to their ACTION NUMBER in Genetic engineering but no higher. Intelligence bonus does NOT count towards increasing this limit. This action can also only be preformed in specialized conditions, such as a high-tech lab/medical facility.
The amount of energy needed to increase a targets Ability, action or modifier value is equal to the number of build points you need to buy that action outright during generation.

For instance if you are attempting to increase a targets Durability from a 2 to a 3 you would need to spend 9 energy on the task. (AN 3 = 3 Points x3 Durability mod = 9 Build points total). This also applies to anything thats a static cost.

There are limitations to a project that you need to be aware of the first was mentioned above, but we will mention it again.

1)The Maximum value of any single augment can not exceed your Action Number in Genetic engineering regardless of intelligence bonus. This also means you can not take an existing Ability, Action or modifier higher then your genetic engineering Action number.

(A Genetic Engineering of 3 means no augment higher then a value of 3, not current value +3.)

2) the subject can not have more TOTAL augments then the sum of your Genetic engineering and your Intelligence bonus. Static cost modifiers count as a value equal to 1/3 their cost.

(A Genetic Engineering of 3 and an intelligence of 4 means. No single augment higher rating then 3, total of all augments no higher then 7 (3+4).)

3) Augmentations take time. Unlike most “Extended” actions genetic Engineering takes a number of days equal to how long it takes to spend enough energy for the augments or a number of days equal to the highest augment value (Whichever is greater). And you can only spend additional energy for the extended action per interval of that.

I.E.: A project increasing Durability to 3, and giving them a force field of 3 would cost a total of 21 energy. With a Genetic engineering of 3 and intelligence of 4 it would take a total of 3 days.
Broken Down like this

Durability 3 = 9 Energy
Force Field 3 = 12 Energy
Total Energy = 21

Total energy used per lapse (GE + Int) = 7
Total Time required (21/7 = 3 Days)

If the process is interupted their is a chance the project can be unrecoverable.
If you are unable to finish the project in time you must add an amount of energy to the project equal to the number of days you weren’t working on it. This can often increase the total time into another interval so be careful of taking to many breaks.
If your project is another person/creature and that project becomes damaged you will need to make a Genetic Shock test immediately.

Genetic Shock Test

The genetic shock test applies when you modify a living creature. The body is weak and often can’t take a sudden change in the way it is build.
When the project is completed the SUBJECT of the test must make a draw. This can be done best by placing a number of colored beads in a bag. White ones to represent the Total value of the Augments and red ones to represent the durability of the subject (pre-augment) The subject then draws from the bag For each Ability, Action or Modifier that has been augmented. If they draw a RED bead they suffer a horrifying side effect of the process. This side effect can be anything from a complete failure of the augments and no further attempts can be made, to the subject growing large Bat like wings, mouth tentacles, stone like skin and producing a uncontrollable aura of fear. We encourage the GM to be creative.
A Genetic Shock test is also made as above if at any time during the project the subject suffers a fatal injury (bringing health to 0) however, this Shock Test will often result in the inability to resuscitate the subject.

The time for the augments to be administered can be changed. By adding 1 energy to the total of the project you can reduce the interval by 1 day, to a minimum of 1 day. However for every day you reduce the interval by you add 1 RED bead to the bag.
The opposite also applies as well, you can add 1 energy to the total cost of the project to increase the interval by 1 day, this REDUCES the number of RED beads in the bag by 1, to a minimum of 1.


-2 Cost level if you can only modify a subject once EVER.
+5 Cost level is you don’t need a specialized facility. (by use of powers)


  • Intelligence Bonus
  • Raises Abilities/Action/Modifiers of others.
  • Subjects Durability Vs. Augments for risk.

-2 to cost is you can only modify a subject once.

Genetic Engineering

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