Inventing / Enchanting
Cost = Action Number + 6

Whether you’re building a special firearm or empowering a magic sword the Inventing / Enchanting general action will allow you to do that. First off in order to use this ability you will need to have either the Technology general action or the Magic power action equal to or higher than the level of Inventing / Enchanting.
With your base of power established in either science or magic, the character is free to begin inventing or enchanting, which ever they have picked up. They both work the same so really it’s just character concept.

Inventing / Enchanting allows you to make virtually anything you can think of. First there are some basic rules.

1) an Invention/Enchantment cannot have an action/modifier value higher than your value in Invention / Enchanting. i.e. If your Invention/Enchantment Action is a 3, no single granted Action/Modifier can be higher then a 3.
2) an Invention/Enchantment cannot have a total of action/modifier values that exceed your Invention/Enchantment value plus your intelligence. i.e. If your Invention/Enchantment plus your intelligence is a 7 then the total of ALL granted Actions/Modifiers cannot exceed 7.

After that we can start to determine what we want to put on our enchantments. Doing this we follow a process.

Step 1 – Determine effects.
Here we determine what abilities, action and modifiers the item will have. This is pretty simple, just choose.

Step 2 – Determine the value of those choices in character build cost.
In this case we look up the Abilities, Action or modifiers and calculate the base cost. If an Ability or action provides its own energy and doesn’t take from the character’s energy pool the cost is increased for those by a +3 cost level each. Objects that grant a Weapon Modifier have a Cost of AN + 3.

There are additional modifiers used in the total cost of the item being made. After the cost of effects has been determined the Invention/Enchantment gets a few more cost modifiers. The first is a set of modifiers that gets applied to any Ability, Action or modifier the item has.

Step 3 – Usage

The next is a set of modifiers applied to the final cost of the item. Determining the difficulty of the item itself to create, whether it’s based on something you already know or is something completely new.

- Based on known Technology/Magic x4
- Based on new Technology/Magic x6
- Based on unknown Tech or Magic x10

More complex items with greater number of abilities, action of modifiers will have a usage limitation. This usage limit increases the final multiplier for difficulty, seen above.

- Usage: One Time +0 Cost
- Usage: 2-6 +2 Cost
- Usage: Permanent +6 Cost

Each day a character can spend up to their Inventing/Enchanting plus Intelligence bonus (if their energy pool is high enough) for their item. After the character has spent enough energy to equal the total cost determined above the invention is done.

However, the life of a hero is not always a simple one, lacking the ability to stay in one place for long periods of time is no necessary as this action allows you to set aside inventions or enchantments to finish at a later time. Just remember to keep track of all the energy you’ve already put into the item.

- Intelligence Bonus
- Energy Vs Cost to Invent/Enchant
- Max Energy per day = I/E + Int bonus
- May accrue energy over time per Invention/Enchantment.

Ritual Enchanting or Techno-Structure Process;
With the help of other skilled enchanters/inventors you can greatly reduce the creation time of an item.
An Inventor assigned the “Team leader”, usually the PC, can have a number of lab assistants equal to their level of Invention, or Leadership if they have it. The “Team Leader” can apply, per day the total of EACH of his Assistants Enc/Inv + Int toward their item. However, There are Rules.

  1. No Single Assistant can put more energy per day into the Item then the “Team Leader”s Enc/Inv + Int or more then their own energy pool.
  2. The “Team Leader” cannot apply their own Enc/Inv to the pool of energy, but they can use their Intelligence.
  3. The benefits of creating an object for the first time apply to the entire group. Such as x10 modifier for first creation does not apply when any individual member of the “team” recreates the item later.
  4. All modifiers for Difficulty apply for the “Team leader” even if none of the team members have ever created that object before.

Crafting Example

A Character is going to attempt to Enchant a magic Dagger. First he determines what Actions/Modifiers it has.

- – - – - – - – - Step One & Two: Choose Effects and Their Values – - – - – - – - -

It’s a Weapon, so it will have a weapon modifier.
He will give a defense bonus and It’s special power will be to Drain Energy from whomever it hits..

With an invent of 3 and int of 4, his limits are; Up to 3 per Action and total of 7.
He gives it Weapon Modifier of +2; Costing (AN + 3) = 5
He gives it Reflexive Dodge of +2; Costing (AN + 3) = 5
He gives it Drain Energy of +3, with Improved Drain Option (See MB47) and doesn’t use wielders energy to Drain; (AN + 1, + 3, + 3) = 10

- – - – - – - – - Step Three: Use Modifier and Invention/Enchantment Difficulty – - – - – - – - -

Since this is a powerful weapon he wants the use to be permanent, which gives EVERY Action/Modifier another cost modifier.

bringing there Adjusted Costs to.
Weapon Modifier (+ 2) = Cost Level: 5 = 9 Points
Reflexive Dodge (+ 2) = Cost Level: 5 = 9 Points
Drain Energy (+ 3) = Cost Level: 10 = 45 points

Total = 63 Points

Now, Since this is a enchant he has never done before, but he has reference material, so it’s not unknown, he has a difficulty to create of a x6. He also wants the dagger to be of permanent origin and this increases his modifier to (x6 + 6) = x12.

Total Modified Point Cost = (63 x12) = 756 Energy

- – - – - – - – - – Step Four: Invent / Enchant – - – - – - – - -

Now, our “Mage” needs to actually Enchant the item. Unfortunately, under normal circumstance he can only spend 7 energy (Total Enchant + Intelligence) per day. meaning it will take (756 / 7; rnd up) 108 days.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -

A simpler Magic Sword that deals “Lightning Damage” is much easier.
Weapon Modifier; Element – Lightning (+ 3) = Cost Level: 6 = 12 Points

Known but new to him x6 difficulty and Permanent = 12 x12 = 144 Energy
Taking him only 20 days.

After he has made that first 1, that becomes a x4 making it 75 × 4 = 48 Energy
Taking only 6 Days.

- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -


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