The world that remains.

In the near future the world has found itself torn and reshaped. In a matter of years humans found themselves among the endangered. Human cities now lay in ruins, destroyed by the power of hate and fear.

What happened then:

As the world began to turn another year older and it’s inhabitants began it’s countdown they had no inclination of how ominous this countdown was. The clock hit zero and the world changed. The animals began to change taking on human form. The air itself turned against mankind as it allowed the passage of new entities. Creatures that could only be described as “horrors”. Possessing terrifying power and a hunger only satisfied by the psychic energies of the most advanced minds on the planet, Humans.

They hunted man down like free range cattle. The armed forced were ineffective and billions of lives were lost. It wasn’t for sometime until we gained the ability to fight back. As if from nowhere people who were easily over looked as “strange” began to take the front line and fight back. Items of mythical power began to hold real, inarguable power. Japanese Shinto Priest talismans began to ward away the creature. Voodoo curses struck heart and blood. Christian faith became a shield and Wicca rites began to heal.

Humans began fighting back. While firearms worked against beasts and other men, to fight the demons man had to pick up sword and bow. These archaic weapons reflected the killing intent of the user allowing them to piece the hides of the wicked. In this uproar Man pushed back the Demon. Forced them away into hiding. Our magic and will to survive catching them by surprise.

The ‘Beast-men’ joined in the fight against the demons. A entire race, barely a few years old, fighting for it’s very existence along side those that were once their caregivers. With a strength of will and a determination to match the human’s they proved themselves invaluable.

What is now.

Twenty years have passed since then and the world is populated by Beast, Man and Demon. Human settlements are developing from the wreckage that was the old world.
Most of the population avoids the megaliths of the old world cities, centers of most breach activity. Safely maintaining small territories, amounting to roughly 300-500 people. There communities a mixing of all breeds of human and beast-man. Working side by side to build a better future.

This new world holds still the scars of the old. The megalith cities now lay in ruin with only a small handful of people, mostly insane, braving the terrain. As the world population dropped to 10% of what it was before the fall.

Cities of Note



Torn Asunder ForestBosley