Order of play

Before the start of the game the GM will ask all the players what the situation is. This gives the characters the chance to fill in what their character have been doing between sessions. However, this is not always the case depending on how the previous session ended or if the session is a new game scenario.
Once this is done the GM will give the “Briefing”, where they talk about the new session, or recap on old ones to get everyone caught up to the happenings in the game universe. Once play begins, each sequence will often follow the same cycle of events.

  1. The Gm announces a new sequence.
  2. All players and NPC’s regenerate of energy based on current health or Intelligence.
  3. Players describe what ACTIONS they will be doing during the sequence and the GM doing the same, as follows:
    1. The order in which players ACTINS are happen is based on Agility. (Or speed if the character took the option) Starting from highest to lowest. If there is a question as to who goes first, the character with the highest agility Number does. Ties are considered to go simultaneously. Before any players go however, the GM allocates, but doesn’t reveal the NPCs or other relevant modifiers to opposition.
    2. The first player describes their action and puts the appropriate energies into the actions box.
    3. The same player may then take any of the energies ALREADY allocated to an action and move them into defense. (You cannot take Energy and put it straight into defense.)
    4. Then the next player does the same through B and C
    5. Some players Events may be longer than others, often taking more than one sequence. When this is the case, upon reaching the place in order where the layer would normally do their event, the GM will simply acknowledge that the players is still involved in the previous Event’s action and move to the next player or add any of the players new energies toward overcoming the resistance of the previous task.
    6. At any time during their event (but only once per session) a player may call on a Flashback Event, this occurs during their normal events actions.
  4. The Gm resolves each Action in turn by comparing the amount of energy the players put forth, with any bonuses, against the Resistant of the actions being preformed. Earlier players Actions may effect later player’s actions. If you get knocked out, or killed before you get a chance to do your actions by a player who was faster than you, then you don’t actually get to do the action and the energy is lost.
  5. The GM describes the results to the players by telling them the story of what happened.
  6. The sequence ends and the playing cycle will continue from the top.

Ending the Session

At the end of the session the GM will award characters with experience, in the form of points, Depending on the outcome of the session. Experience is awarded based on the achievements of the individual character as well as the achievements of the group. Often rewards will be between 2- 5 experience per player.


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