Cost = Action Number + 4

You can use Psychiatry in two ways and neither one requires a couch or an office.
The first way is similar to Social Skills, spending stones to reflect that your’re using your understanding of your subjects motivation, thoughts and feelings to achieve your goal. Psychiatry can be used to “get through” to a subject by overseeing his mental defense in order to establish a dialogue. You can use this Action as a direct substitute for Social Skills and can combine stones with Social Skills (Black Ops, etc..) to manipulate others.
The Second way is to use Psychiatry action like a healing action, focused on only healing mental disorders, or those that have suffered some level of mental damage. It’s highly recommended that you purchase the intelligence Bonus option. Specialties are available.


  • Intelligence Bonus (+ 2 to Cost Level)
  • Can’t (or refuse to) manipulate others (- 2 Cost level)


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