Questions and Answers

Any Questions related to the the game System or this Setting are listed here. If you have any questions email me with the Subject: Torn Asunder Question

Q) Are the beast men all different kinds of animals? are they animals that were changed or a new race that popped up out of nowhere?

A) Beast-men developed from creatures all over earth. The exact reason Isn’t known as of yet but Beast-men are a ration to humans of 1 for every 15-20 humans. They are pretty much any land creature. Common creatures are; Bears, Cats, Dogs, Goats/Sheep, Racoons, Rabbits and Rodents (Rats and Mice mainly).

Q) If there any organized crime?

A) No organized crime. In fact, very little to no actual crime at all. With smaller populations and everyone having a purpose with-in/around the community the emotional and social drive of crime is non-existent, as everyone shares the same plite, Only criminal element is by nature of the person, and they are usually put to work on tasks befitting their nature.

Questions and Answers

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