Ranged Combat

Combat, Ranged
Cost = Action Number

This is one of your basic combat actions. If you’re trying to use a weapon to hit someone at a range of 2 or greater, this is the action to do it. This action does not come with any ability modifiers; instead it comes with a Weapon Modifier. A weapon modifier is any weapon you are holding in your hand grants a bonus equal to its modifier rating to your attack. Unlike Ability modifiers that come from your own energy pool a weapon modifier give free points from a “bonus” pool.
Even if a character has a ranged weapon in each hand they do not add together against a single target. However, they do work separately against different targets when energy is split into 2 separate direct attacks.
Ranged combat can also have specialties. These specialties are often situational, such as excess range or night shooting, to weapon types such as bow or pistols. Each level of Ranged Combat grants you a specialty.

Option: +3 Cost Level
If wielding 2 ranged weapons you can use both weapon modifiers against the same target, adding the bonuses together.

- Weapon Modifier
- Combat with distance weapons
- Split energy into multiple targets
- (Weapon/Combat Specialties)

Ranged Combat

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