Setting Character Creation

Alright, here is the basic guidelines for creating a character for the “Torn Asunder” setting.

Ability Limitations

Humans have a limit of 3 on all abilities; Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Speed, and Durability.
Beast-Men have a limit of 3 on all abilities, except 1 which has a limit of 5 or 2 with a limit of 4. This heightened ability must have a ‘common sense’ relation to the animal breed of the beast-man. For example a Bear type beast-man would have a heightened strength or durability, while a wolf type could have heightened agility. This heightened ‘cap’ only allows for the purchase of a higher ability, you still need to buy it up.

Action Limitations
There is no limitation to common actions.

Modifier Limitations
Modifiers are limited to no greater then 3 for Humans or up to 5 for beast-men, however this limit must be justified. Beast-Men also has a -2 cost level to buying Animal Senses.

Setting Character Creation

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