Special Gear

Special Gear

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Gear can take on many forms and comes from two sources. Either you get your gear though character WEALTH, or you buy it with points. The wealth of a character allows you to get just about anything you need, from food to firearms. Anything hard to come by, whether it’s higher end gear or custom/unique items you need to spend points.

Close Combat Weapons
Cost = Modifier # + 1
The reason it doesn’t cost Modifier # + 3 levels is that even though the stones are free, you lose your Ability Bonus when using a weapon in Close Combat.

Close Combat Modifiers
Cost = Modifier # + 4
Like claws, this is expensive because you do not lose your Ability Bonus in Close Combat as you would with a weapon.

Ranged Combat Weapons (Guns, Bows, blasters, Etc… )
Cost = Modifier # + 1
Guns and bows are considered to have the same cost because you get a x2 damage with a gun, but you also get greater chance of collateral damage.
Normal Range = 4, Add/Subtract Cost level by 1 to Increase/Decrease range by 1.

Armor Penetration
Add an additional 3 cost levels to a weapon or 18 points (whichever results in a higher total cost)

Cost = Modifier # + 3
This is cumulative with other defensive modifiers, like Toughness or Reflexive Dodge.

Nullify Armor Penetration
+ 2 to cost level or 12 Points (whichever results in a higher total cost) This negates a weapons Armor Penetration.

Nullify x2 Damage
+ 1 to cost level or 6 points (whichever results in a higher total cost). This nullifies the x2 damage of some weapons and reduces the x3 to a x2.

Special Gear

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