A character is built of three differant aspects. Abilities (detailed here), Actions and Modifiers.
Before we begin the racial limitations are as follows..

Humans; all maximum values are 3 and the “normal” average is Int:2, Str, Agi, Spd, Dur: 1.
Beast-Men: Maximum come in 1 of 2 options.
Option 1: All Maximum values are 3, except 2 are 4(players choice).
Option 2: All Maximum values are 3, except 1 is 5(players choice).


Your abilities represent 5 basic aspects of your character: Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Agility and Durability. Or, in other words, how smart you are, how strong you are, how fast you run, how agile you are and how sturdy you are. Abilities matter in two ways.
First of all, if you’re doing something that doesn’t have an Action, then you use the appropriate ability as if it was the action. So, if you are trying to pick a lock and don’t have the Thieving skill, you could use your intelligence or agility to try and figure/wiggle the lock open. (Without the relevant action however, such a task will incrue an increased resistance)
Second and Ability can also be a Bonus for an appropriate Action. So, if you are performing an Action that your CAD says gets a Strength Bonus, and then you can add your Strength Bonus worth of energy to that Action. This energy comes from your Energy Pool and goes into your Action Box. They can then also be reallocated from your Actions Box into your Defense Area. Some Actions include Ability Bonuses in their costs, some recommend you buy them for an extra cost, and some prohibit you from having an Ability Bonus.

Is a measure of how smart you are. You would use your Intelligence Number for solving problems, operating devices and machinery, learning new subjects, etc. Your intelligence is an included Ability Bonus for Actions like, Technology, Inventing and Gambling. It is a recommended Bonus to buy for Mastery of Magic.
You may choose to base your energy on Intelligence rather than Durability. In this case, you will receive 2 Energy pool max for every point of intelligence you have. You will still only get 3 Health per Durability, however. This Intelligence Energy will increase the cost of purchasing Intelligence at character creation by double, and does not decrease the cost of Durability.

Is a measure of how physically strong your character is. You can use your strength for lifting, throwing, smashing, breaking and leaping. Strength is most often used as an Ability bonus for Actions like Melee combat.

Is a measure of how fast your reflexes are, how coordinated you are, how deftly of dexterously you handle things and how well you move. You would use your agility for physical activities you don’t have an action for. Agility is most often used as a Modifier for Actions like, Acrobatics, Melee combat, Thieving and Grappling. Agility also can lessen the Damage taken from falling by 1 for every 3 agility. Lastly, but most important, Agility is used to determine the order in which characters actions are resolved in combat, usually from highest to Lowest.

This is a measure of how fast your character runs, skips, walks, sprints and jogs. There are however unique benefits to having supernatural speed. At a speed of 7 or more, a character can run up walls and across water. At a speed of 10 the character can produce cyclones of air for up to 5 energy effect. Also, you may define your character as a “Speed” based character by associating it with many Actions like Melee combat, and Acrobatics. Additionally speed can be used in place of Agility when determining the order of actions with the cost of 3 build points.

This is the measure of stamina, physical health and the amount of damage your body can sustain. It is a very important Ability. Your durability Number determines how much health pool you get as well as your maximum energy pool (Unless using Intelligence) to reflect that durability cost three times as much as a normal Ability. Normally Durability is not used for any character Actions; however, in some cases your GM may allow it.

Exceptional Abilities
In some cases a character may have abilities that far exceed normal ability limits.

Exceptional Strength:
At a strength of 7 a character can make ground breaking attacks that shatter concrete and most metal. If the energy of the attack exceeds the target’s agility the target falls down.This attack deals it’s effect to all opponents in straight line from the character.
At a strength of 10 the character can clap their hands together and make a shock wave similar to a small yield explosive ordinance. This can make an attack for up to half their strength value with area effect up to an area of 5. Energy used applies to both separately.

Exceptional Speed:
At a speed of 7 or more a character can run up walls and across water. At a speed of 10 they can produce temporary cyclone-like gusts for up to 5 stones.

Exceptional Agility:
Agility is already used for the basis of order of actions, however agility can serve a far greater purpose to those that have it above and beyond the greatest levels. Naturally agility reduces the fall damage by 1 point for every 3 points in agility (rounded down)
At 7 agility a character can buy Reflexive dodge at a +2 cost instead of a +3. Also Their reflexive dodge aids for half (round down) it’s value in physical area effect attacks.
At 10 the characters agility is so great that fall damage is reduced by 1 point for every 2 points in agility and when using any action linked to agility the character gains an additional point of effort from the general pool (can not exceed action max) as their body reacts better then they do.

Exceptional Intelligence:
Intelligence is an attribute that often gets forgotten or at the very most played down, in most system. But Exceptional Intelligence grants those willing even greater bonuses.
at 7 a character can spend 3 character build point (or experience points) to use their intelligence as the basis for their order of actions.
At 10 their intelligence is so vast they can think and determine almost any action’s full cause and effect in the blink of an eye and they gain Power Modifier: Prescience for free. If they already have the modifier they gain the ability to add energy, up to half intelligence value, from their energy pool to actions when they reallocate.

Exceptional Durability:
A character with exceptional durability is often counted out but labeled “survivor”. But a character with exceptional Durability gains many advantages from having a strong body and strong will.
at a durability of 7 a character does not suffer broken bones or illness from combat and is immune to most natural diseases. The character can also buy toughness at a +2 cost per level instead of +3.
at a durability of 10 a character is virtually unstoppable and virtually imposable to harm. The character is immune to all natural diseases and toxins and has a greater then normal energy pool. Increase the characters max energy pool by half their durability (round down)


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