Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder is a Post-Apoc near future fantasy.
Magic exists and some common animals have undergone anthropomorphism. Human population is at about 10% of what it’s now and spread out into small communities no bigger then 300-500.
It’s a 20XX and about 20 years from the apocalypse.
Gameplay will give players a chance to shape a magical world from the beginning as the new world blooms on the ashes of the old.

I will detail the system mechanics and some character templates to get the feel of different character types.

In the Wiki you will find what you need on the setting and fuel your ideas on what to create.
In the Wiki you will find everything you will need to begin to understand the system, from a write up of the core system mechanics to actions and modifiers that apply most to this setting.

Currently for any Forum stuff, general conversation, we have an existing FORUM where that will be handle. If you are not currently a member you will need to create an access. I’ll have a section dedicated to this soon enough.


Currently working on religions and magic associated with it. If you want to get a direct jump into them look here if you want.