Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder - 1 - 5

Dodging quickly one side to another The insectoid runs to the furthest fleeing KKK member Thrusting his blade into his armor. The Klans-men attempts the sounds of a scream, his lung fills with blood and he slides from the blade onto the ground.

keeping the ‘biotch’ in the crook of his shoulder Bill takes up a stance, lining his shots along the two free moving klans-men. He steadies and readies himself, not trying to take their lives, but possibly their fighting strength he he fires once and shouts

“Don’t kill if you don’t have to … keep em alive !”

As the klans-men is taken off his feet, body thrown aside by the round like a rag doll.

Ellisar keeps a massive and firm grip on the soldier’s arm, pushing him forward keeping his feet from maintaining even footing. He makes his way towards the remaining KKK using his meat shield as a buffer.

“Mind your positioning boys! Keep apart and make it hard for them to hit!” Observing the charging lion he shouts “Keep low on the charge!”

Keeping his shields up Varanus surges forward, giving the impression of a charging wall. With thunderous yell Varanus slams into a center Klans-men, knocking him back onto the ground, alongside his fiend. Varanus then immediately leaps onto the closest of the two and proceeded to pound the bastards face in with the sides of his shields. “I’ll show you the Devil! I’ll bring you to him! Then you’ll know who the Devil worshipers were!”

Joseph continues flanking to the side taking note of the constant mayhem. He shifts his aim back and forth… realizing only that all,save one struggling against the ursan, lay upon the ground, dead or unconscious.

The field falls strangely silent, as the pulse of combat begins to still. A slow raising thunder breaks the low-hanging over cast as another helicopter descends above the field.



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