Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder -1 - 7

One of the five men turns and begins walking up to Joseph as the others continue salvaging the craft. He stops, a few meters from Joseph, obviously prepared for any assault. though you can not see his eyes, you can feel his gaze passing back and forth across the group judging and weighing each of you. Frantically behind them two of the men seem to be communicating with intensity. A disagreement in action or opinion, your not sure. The man in front looks up at the chopper and it begins to pull away. and the dull silence once again fills the area, the deafening sounds finally fading away.

“You there!” Shouts one of the men. Pointing at Leonard “We need your assistance!”

He turns to the inside of the chopper. "We need whats in that box, but it’s been wielded shut by the heat. Get us whats in the box and you can have strip everything else. "

Leonard looks around, but sees no reason not to at least open the container and see what is inside.
While he walk forward the men pull away giving him a clear path, firearms lowered to the ground.

Cloak scuttles about, seeking a greater vantage point to watch the events unfold with advantage.

Varanus, cautious of why five men need a box opened by a complete stranger, moves closer to the action, keeping his arms back closer to his shields. He still tries to maintain a semblance of non-aggression.

The men give no berth to the lizard. while not blocking his path, they work to keep him disengaged from the situation.

Ash walks up, cradling the heavy long rifle in the crook of his left arm as he loosens the quick-release straps on his backpack and swings it forward with his right arm. A quick second of rummaging around by feel as he keeps his eyes on the various parties and he brandishes a long cylinder with a capped top on one end …

“This ’ill cut into that soft metal quickly”

“We appreciate the thought,” voices the ‘leader’, “but we don’t want to risk further damage to the contents. The brute force mustered by a beast breed should suffice.”

Reluctantly Ellisar allows the situation to cool down, but does not falter in his iron grip upon hus prisoner. He looks to the soldier seemingly in charge.

“The end state of this man relies entirely on your treatment of us. I wish him no more harm than you or he directs our way.”

The ‘leader’ turns to Ellisar. "His condition means nothing to us. He attacked you, defend yourself as you see fit. We are not the law here, nor do we wish to be. "
Jospeh stays at position with the other man that approached him lowering his gun slightly more but not removing his hand from the base. His other hand on the other end does slide away from the firing mechanism and slides down his side. Hes not willing to let all his defenses down but is willing to not press threat if they aren’t.
He also glances over at Ash, “Thermite aye? I thought wed used up the whole supply some time ago.”

He glances at the one in charge, “Assuming whats in their isnt gonna have any issues with the heat that should cut right through if brute force dont work.”
“Lenoard, help them if you can. Even if they keep their major valuables the scrap is still good to us.”

The sounds of sheering metal cut through the field. Almost cracking the air. A quick scramble to the chest and three men push Leonard aside, gathering the contents.



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