Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder - 1 - 8

Hastily the men pull the contents of the metal crate out onto the deck of the downed chopper. It appears to be a slightly damaged metal box, which many of your recognize as a computer case, They crack the case quickly and pull a small black chip from inside the box and put it into a smaller display, it flickers and comes to life, flashing displays of information and video at the two men observing the screen. The leader tilts his head to the side as if trying to listen to something on his shoulder.

“Excuse me. This craft was attacked approximately 18 miles due south-west from here. While passing over a community of three settlements. Who here is from that location?” He gestures about the crowd, including the Klansman.

The Klansman tries to struggle, with no success, against Ellisar’s hold.

Cloak speaks up and say “I am from there.”

Ellisar remains ever vigilant on his grip.
“Look here, what is that all about? I think perhaps you should offer us a little information as to who you are first and what you want.”

Joseph eyes the bizzare insect like beastman. Their is a sense of distaste and disgust in his expression that he seems to be making an effort to suprress and contain, but its hard to fully bury. It seems to not be specifically due to Cloaks apperance but more the type of creature he is and the gross things often said about that sort of insect.

Joseph slides his gun down further his hand still on the grip but not holding it any ready position.

“Yeah it circled around a few times, then got taken down by imps that appeared to burst out of the ground, but likely were just hiding in the trees. They overwhelmed it untill they took out the pilots and I assume he crashed it trying to kill as many of them as possible. The bear is right, Who they hell are you?”

He then glances over at Elsair, “Why dont you just put in him a sleeper hold and knock his ass out, and then toss him over your shoulder, your just wasting your strength showing off if we do get attacked by those imps.”

Ellisar nods as Joseph speaks, then raises an eyebrow at the “showing off comment” .
“As you wish.” With a consenting shrug, he shifts his grip and wraps his massive arm around the KKK member’s neck.
“We will see you later” he whispers in the mans ear as he tightens the hold.

The lead man looks at Ellisar, “My name is Captain Oliver Winthrom, I’m with the DC Militant Sect.”

Ellisar nods.
“I am Ellisar Campbell the wanderer, I can’t answer for these others as we haven’t actually met. What is the DC Militant Sect? And what is it you are looking for that we may better answer you?”

It doesn’t take long for the Klansman to sink into the oblivion of solicited slumber.
“Could you show us where the Imps came from?” Captain Oliver directs to Joseph.

Joseph rubs his head thinking about it and glancing back across the woods towards the village. “Perhaps. I watched it get hit so I could make an educated guess since I have been surviving off these lands for quite a while now. But the Beastmen are right. I aint to prone to helping you untill I know who you are, why your here, and why you left these 3 villages totally without protection when you clearly have way more resources than we do.” Joseph looks frustrated and highly annoyed.

Captain Winthrom looks at Joseph. "We’re here to asses the situation and threats in this area. " He looks back at his squad. “We are a secondary scout team sent to give ground evaluations of the area surrounding Cleveland Ruins and any surrounding high tech facilities.”

Joseph blinks and nods glancing at the others to make sure they have a chance to voice their questions, “Who do you work for?”

Rather abruptly cloak speaks up. " why does it matter who they work for or why they want to know where the chopper was attacked? These kind are all the same. They are attached to the ways of before. If they linger the demons will come and the villages will suffer. The faster they leave the sooner we will be safe. " cloak turns to the leader of the group and says. "I will take you to where you wish to go so long as you leave my villages in peace. Few know the areas in this region better than I. "
Captain looks at Cloak. "I intend no harm, please, show me the way. " He motions his hands for his men to keep up and they ll pack in behind Cloak.
With haste to stay well ahead of the troops but still within sight of them cloak shows them the way.

“Lead on bug … but ya best be more respectfull of those ‘BEFORE’ comments… " Ashe states, as he lovingly polishes the alloy long rifle.

“And why aint ya askin bout the crew of the chopper flyboy ?”

The captain remains silent, but acknowledges Bill’s question.

Joseph grunts and watches them closely following the bug and the rest of the crew but following from the rear eyes constantly glancing backwards.

He continues to scan the people involved and look for any major markers on them that might indicate what unit, squad, branch of the military, exct organization they might be from?
Ellisar effortlessly tosses the clansmen over his shoulder. “Anyone have some rope, twine or duct tape?”



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