Torn Asunder

Torn Asunder 1- 9

After doing a quick scavenge of supplies the group heads back to Avalon. You’ve learned from the soldiers that after the sundering a large number of politicians, government authorities and families took refuge in different bunkers in and around Philadelphia. About 5 years later they opened the bunkers and started to rebuild. This new formed government is now sending out envoys and troops to aid nearby locations as best it can, trying to reestablish some form of infrastructure.

When you finally make it back to Avalon, having stopped for the night, friends and neighbors happily greet the returning travelers. Word travels fast and a council if assembled with-in an hour to meet to new envoys. Anyone willing to attend the meeting is free too and several citizens join in audience.

In the meeting

“Honorable council, " Speaks Captain Winthrom, “We are hear to extend a hand in friendship and cooperation. The United States Government is no more, but has been reformed to face these new times that has fallen upon the american people. For nearly 20 years the world has been silent, lines of communication and trust torn apart by vicious attacks by Demons and Marauders. We offer you resources and structure, someone to fall back upon should you need them.”

“And what is it you ask for in return?” Speaks one of the council members, “Nothing in life is free. Expectantly trust and assistance.”

“We ask only for the same in return. You have resources and location, Here you have a railroad, unused, but could come alive again. You have skilled labor that can teach others, many of the settlements we’ve encountered haven’t established an education base. Myself and my squad here were trained and educated by the military soldiers that were buried with the old government.”

The council members mumble to themselves, inaudible to most but the keenest of ears.

“The council with now open the floor to any citizen with questions.”

Ellisar will look patiently around for a moment and clear his throat. Slowly he extends his arm into the air. When called upon he will stand and address the council.

“This is all fine and well. And I mean this with respect, but what are your plan to contend with the demons?”

Cloak nods fervently in agreement. “Not many remember the time of the sundering. The government was unable to combat the demons then in the height of its power. What has changed?”

“Knowledge, The event caught the world by surprise, no one was prepared. Now we know how to push them back, how to kill them. With a coordinated effort we could reclaim our lost lands and rebuild. " says the Captain, his words filled with an unwavering certainty.

“And are ya gunna share dat “KNOWLEDGE” ?" … Asche spits to the side.

“Are ya gunna bring yer whirlly birds here an put down sum guns an sum blood wit desse folks ? Or ya gunna bleed em fer what ya kin an us em as a front line ?” spits again to the ground but more directed to the captain. The long rifle gripped in one hand by mid barrel begins to punctuate each point with a firm thrust

“Ya gunna pay these folks fer the year of the fight the done did holdin these baddies at bay while ya cowered under the rock ? Now, donna be gitten me wrong, I most surely am giddy ya saved the ways BEFORE this shit stunk up the land,…”Ashes face flushes more red with each sentence, the words become more forcefully pronounced as he continues.
“… but ya best get a decorum of respect and penance in yer tone and yer mannerisms when yer addressing them that kept the nasties from diggin into yer osteridge hole. I say ya show these folk sum right form of gratitude for the life they lived and the lives that were lost in the Masses figuring out how ta survive”

A burning intense Anger bleeds with Anguish from mouth to eyes, and after a blink between depression and rage, The rifleman turns with violence and strides from the meeting

A new found respect for the human surges through Cloak. “Truer words could not be said.”

Both the Captain and the very room seems to be taken aback by William’s impassioned vocals. Even those without a sense of magic can feel as if his will is imposing itself upon the room.
“What did you think would happen? The world, our very existence, our sense of reality was attacked. When confronted with an unknown enemy of unknown strength you hide. you hide and you wait, you look for a weakness.” The Captain states, asserting his presence. "You do what you have to to survive. That’s what we did, and that’s what you did. I don’t see you trying to acquire resources from the KKK. They have advanced polymers, why aren’t you trying to get their resources? We are OFFERING you some of ours because we can now. "

William leaves the council hall.

Joseph looks up when William speaks nodding with a sense of respect but still not speaking He takes near the back of the group constantly watching behind them for other threats possibly following them. He does chuckle when he speaks of the KKK.

“Some of them used to be members of our colonies. Retreated into their compound with their own. They have no desire to share with those who would allow beast men within their community. And we dont have the resources to risk raiding them. It would cause to great a loss.”

He nods and smiles.

“If your offering us your resources, you should come with us after were all done and meet with the community elders, they would be glad to trade with you. We rebuilt the refinery to make smaller scale equipment since we dont have the people to manage to run the whole thing.”



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