Joseph Decross


Joseph Decross

Intelligence: ………3
Strength: …………..4
Agility: ……………..2
Speed: ………………2
Durability: ………..3

Health:…………… 3
Energy:………….. 9

Inventing ……………4

Dirty Fighting …….3
+1 Multiple Opponents
+2 1/2 Def on Grabs
- Clubs
- Blades
- Multiple Opponents

Ranged Combat …..5
-Multiple Opponents
-Short Range Skirmish
-Crippling Shots

Technology …………3

Leadership ………….3

Vehicle Operations..2




Psychological Condition: Temper
Compulsion to Stick up for the Underdog
Haunted Pass


Joseph was many things before The Sundering, but a good man was not
one of them. He was a drunk, a bar fighter, a wife beater. Before
things went to hell he was a technical engineer. This is not to say he
went to school, certainly he was reasonably intelligent but he started
working at the refinery when he was 15, and over the 10 years until
the disastrous events he had learned to use every piece of equipment
in the refinery from the basic machines to every computer they had.
He wasn’t brilliant but he adapted to new technology.

To say he relaxed in his downtime was true but it was more that he
found other excuses to release his anger and rage on other people. If
that was beating his wife or children, or if that was joining the KKK
and finding new excuses to beat on black and Mexican people just for
the sake of being different.

Certainly, he went to church like every good American should, but he
only took some of the lessons to heart. It didn’t help that the pastor
that ran his church was also a member of the movement and supported
his violent nature as long as it served the better purpose of the
Aryan race.

Then The Sundering came and he saw what true terror and horror was he
saw what an actual outsider was. It doesn’t help that he also saw his
pastor being manipulated by a twisted demon that was trying to use the
pastor twisted and broken faith to its own advantage. Joseph may have
lost his cool a little bit. He may have overreacted when he beat the
pastor to death with his fists after the demon was gone. He told no
one what he had done but lead the branch of the KKK against the demon.
Many of them died but they defeated it.

When the KKK withdrew to their compound, they invited him along, but
he could not go. Something about the violence, the first actual time
he had killed someone it broke something in his hardened exterior and
he realized what he had been becoming, and where he had gone wrong in
his life.

Going home he found his wife and daughter gone. They too had seen in
the violence of the world a chance to change their lives. He had no
idea where they had gone but hoped they had fled to a safe place. He
could not find it in him to be angry out of this, for that moment that
day his anger had bled away into pure pain and loss and all he knew is
that this was a chance to turn his life around. To do something

So he did. He talked no more about what he had done or what he had
been and simply worked to be someone better. He stood up for those
who could not stand up for themselves, be they racial minorities or
beast-men, despite the lingering sense of racial distaste and hatred
he could taste like bile in the back of his throat. He could not
conquer his anger though so he honed it like the fiery edge of the
sword. He kept all the equipment that he could at the refinery
operated, and changed its design from making tools and train equipment
to making weapons of war. He forged swords and axes, hammers and

He kept one expanding, working guns and firearms, keeping them
operational and keeping the ammo flowing. While the monsters weren’t
hurt much by them, the people were, and with the world coming apart
occasionally the press of violence they had to keep away was human not
monster. But it was more than that. He had to keep evolving.

The fact that ancient technology was the only thing that truly hurt
them simply didn’t make him comfortable. All the ingenuity of man,
but only weapons they worked with their own muscle power would truly
hurt these monsters? He knew some how with devotion and drive he
could find a way to defeat this flaw, to make a weapon of modern
design that would hurt them. He just had to keep on working till he
better understood why, and then he could make the next logical leap to

His devotion was rekindled, not only to his drive but to his faith.
He learned what the Word of God truly meant and sought to redeem his
soul by continuing to do the right thing. Hopefully when he died he
would have redeemed his soul in the eyes of the lord and ascend to the
higher heavens. He had been a terrible man, a terrible father. But
he was 45 now. He had spent 20 years trying to redeem his
soul…hopefully that was enough.

Joseph Decross

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