Leonard Lowenstein

Leonard "The Lion" Lowenstein


Leonard Lowenstein

Intelligence: ………3
Strength: …………..4
Agility: ……………..3
Speed: ………………3
Durability: ………..4

Health:…………… 4
Energy:………….. 12


Combat – Close…………3
-Ability Bonus/Weapon Modifier (3)
-Additional Defense point per allocation (
-Free Option, Ability Bonus/Weapon Modifier
SPECIALTIES: Fight Against Demons, Swords and Shields, Oversized Weapons

Combat – Ranged…………3
-Free Option, Ability Bonus/Weapon Modifier

Faith – Christian…………3
-Base Magical Effects (see chart)
-Enables Awareness of Magic
-Free Defense Against Magic equal to AN
-Apply temporary blessings
-exorcism of demonic possession

Faith Healing…………3
-Heal by AN per day at a cost of 3 energy per point healed

Blessed Weapon…………2
-See Chart

-See Chart

Wild Survival…………3
-Bonus: Functions like Hunting/Tracking

-Movement Action
-Negates fall damage equal to .5 AN
-Bonus: Agility

-Bonus: Intelligence
SPECIALTIES: Diplomacy, Combat, Magic


Reflexive Dodge…………4

Stealthy (Adept at blending into environment)

Beastmen (Lion)
Law Abider
Haunted Past
Deadly Enemies

Lightweight High Durability metallurgy Plate armor ( + 1)
Archaic Sanctum Shield ( + 1)
Archaic Flame-bared Vorpal Gasbalger Sword ( + 1)

Archaic Faith Based Demon Hunter Cross-Bow ( + 1)
– Area Effect
– Range: 4


Leonard “The Lion” Lowenstein.
He is the son of Ariel Lowenstein, The Great, whom was a human paladin and considered royalty.
He is the son of Abigail Lowenstein, The Beautiful, a feline beast woman who is renowned for her healing abilities.

Before Leo’s conception, Ariel found Abigail as the most beautiful entity he’d ever seen.
By the pure rapture of her beauty and loving nature, with Abigail’s permission, he took her to be his wife.

Ariel’s esteem and reputation among men was great.
That being the case along with the sure beauty of Abigail, the union between the two was celebrated and not scorned, as most man/beast unions were at the time.
Their marriage paved the way to change in the “kingdom”; however, a few secretly scorned the union and thought it was the utter most disrespect to the faith as Ariel was indeed a Paladin of a strict sect.

These few scorners were close to Ariel, and secretly considered plots of their own retribution for this act of desecration against their personal interpretation of the faith.
Ariel was completely unaware of their intentions and so there in his life was in danger not only from the risk of slaying demons but from his own peers as well.
These scorners, learned of a way to attract an massive arch demon to manifest and threaten their town.

They knew Ariel would rush to defend the town against any threat, and weighed that this particular demon could destroy Ariel and leave once it devoured his soul.
Thirteen years later they in secret successfully conjured the demon atrocity to show, and Ariel, along with his fellow men of valor fought the demon.
Ariel’s men were defeated, being tossed to the sides as if they had no strength at all, and all that was left between the demon and the rest of the town was Ariel.
Ariel knew he could not beat the demon by strength alone.
In order to protect the town, Abigail, and Leo his beloved 12 year old son, Ariel took his sword and stabbed it into the ground in front of him.
He placed his hands the pommel and said in a calm voice to Abigail to make sure to protect their son.

Abigail was too far back to hear or see what Ariel was doing albeit she did hear him and trembled in pain because she knew what that meant.

Ariel then cast his last spell as he gathered all his spirit energy, removing his hands from the pommel and placing his arms straight out from his sides.
His body, dissolved into a bright white pillar as high as the eye can see and in an instant exploded forward in a flash of powerful blinding light at the demon engulfing it.
When the light faded both Ariel and the demon were no where to be seen but yet all the men in the battle which were wounded or thought dead were found alive and well.

Leonard grew up admiring his father’s life and final actions yet was deeply troubled by the event as inside himself he felt something was wrong about the demon showing up the way it did.
His mother, Abigail, raised him to be virtuous and a man of valor as his father, and Leo excelled even beyond placing great weight on his academic studies.

A side note about Abigail:
Abigail is a unique entity because she existed slightly before most beastmen appeared. She’s a precursor to Apocalypse event and so how she came to be in existence is unknown even to herself. She’s ages in appearance 1 year to a human’s 5-15 years. So at her current age of 65 she is still VERY beautiful.

Back to Leo:
Sworn to himself to develop a means for people to protect themselves from demons, he along with fellow leading religious scientists developed an item they dubbed the demon hunter. An enchanted item that channels the wielder’s faith energy into a tangible form that damages only demon energies. They spent 5 years developing it’s technology, and a few days after Leo’s 23rd birthday two prototypes were complete. One for Leo and one for Abigail, which are not to be mass produced until further testing and trial runs are made by Leo himself. Leo’s story takes place after that.

Leonard Lowenstein

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