Varanus Fredeking


Durability 5
Intelligence 3
Strength 3
Agility 3
Speed 3

Health 5
Energy 15

Basic Skills
Academics 2 (combat wounds)
Combat Melee 3 (Superior Defender)
Concentration 2
Medicine 6

Advanced Modifiers
Healing Factor 2
Toughness 3
Animal Senses 3 (komodo dragon)

Religious Powers
Shinto 2
Rin-Pyo-Sha 2
To-Zai-Zen 2

2 Riot Shields (2)
Tail ax (
Basic Armor (+1)

Minor disability (hard-of-hearing)
Major Psychological condition (PTSD)
Haunted Past


Once one of the medics in the shock troops from a distant village. Varanus suffers from PTSD due to a dreadful encounter with a swarm of demons. While out on a routine scavenge mission he and his squad were forced to take refuge in a ruined school house when a swarm of demons descended upon them. for a day and a half he and his squad held off wave after wave of demons but eventually Varanus ran out of medical supplies. With noway to keep the squad healed, each one fell till only Varanus was left. A particularly powerful demon stepped forward to the defeated Varanus, “Leave him, but seal the school. If he wants to live he’ll find a way.” The demons left, sealing the school. Varanus had to survive, this wasn’t going to stop him. Being a Komodo Dragon he did not feel shame for eating his squad mates, just remorse that he knew them. A week after being sealed up a search squad from his village found him. Seeing what he had done, they arrested and brought Varanus back to be trialed. The court let him off easy with exile in light of his service to the village. Now he wanders in search of a new place to live.

Varanus Fredeking

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