Common Modifiers

Modifiers use the same purchasing chart as the set of General actions. Most of these modifier are good for the use of any scale of game style. However, the value usually sets the bar for what kind of game you are looking to run.
Depending on the type of genre you are looking to play your universe in you will find that some of these modifiers can shift the balance of game play in an undesired fashion. in this case we suggest limitations on the level of modifiers depending on the genre. Similar to the normal human max Attribute being 3,

Genre Max
Normal (Modern) 2
Fantasy / Sci-Fi 4
High Fantasy 7
Supers 10

Torn Asunder has a max of 4; 5 if you have good reason.

Animal Senses
Fast Draw
Healing Factor
Photographic Memory
Reflexive Dodge

Common Modifiers

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