Creation Basics

Each character starts with a blank character sheet and 100 points. These points you will be spending on;

  1. Background
  2. Abilities
  3. Actions
  4. Modifiers
    (Each sections rules detailed by following the links above.)

You don’t necessarily have to build your character in that order, it just seems to work the smoothest. As you spend your points you will probably end up adjusting your “purchases” several times before settling on your final build.

You will also be able to increase you pool of points by acquiring Challenges (Background). Each Challenge gives you more points to build your character, but represents difficulties they will have to deal with during play. Its usually a good idea to have a back-story for your character detailing where they have been and some of the events in their life that have led up to this point. This will provide a blueprint for your challenges. There is no limit to how many challenges a character can take (But you must take at least one), so if you want to make a very powerful character take more challenges. Your GM has final say in the amount of challenges you can take overall, based on the concept you’ve worked out with your GM.

Saving Points for Later

Some players may want to save some stones for later when they are feeling more comfortable with the system. You may want to save some of your points “for later”. You can save up to 50 points (Half your creation pool). Simply write them on the side of your character sheet and when you determine the best way to spend them do so, but at an appropriate time (such as between sessions or during a break). It’s not a choice for everyone, but it is an option.

Buying Action/Modifiers
Figuring out how much an Ability, Action or Modifier costs is easy. Each example of actions and modifiers has a cost associated with it. By looking at the table below you can figure out what the Action Number you want costs in points.

Point Cost = Cost Level + Modifier + Advantages – Disadvantages

The “Cost Table” below shows the cost in points for buying an ability/action/modifier.

Ability/Action/Modifier # Cost in Points
1 (or less) 1 Pt
2 2 Pt
3 3 Pt
4 6 Pt
5 9 Pt
6 12 Pt
7 18 Pt
8 27 Pt
9 36 Pt
10 45 Pt
+1 +15pt

In Example. Say you want to buy an action a a value of 4 that is just Cost level. You would be spending 6 points. However, if you wanted to purchase an action at 4 that has a Cost level +1 modifier, you would need to spend 9 Points.
Each Cost level modifier moves the scale down (per +) or up (per -) the chart. The only exceptions to this are Durability and If you are using the Special Intelligence Rule.
Durability is Triple it’s point cost. Not triple it’s cost level, but the points. So a durability of 4 will cost 18 points (6 Points x3). This is because Durability is used for Health and Energy Pool.
If your character uses their intelligence to generate their energy pool (See Intelligence) The cost for their intelligence is DOUBLE their point cost. This does not lower the cost of Durability however.

Creation Basics

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