Healing Factor

Cost = Dur + Level of Healing

A character with a healing factor is a dangerous combatant. allowing them to regain any lost health and energy much faster than they normally could.
When a character normally heals damage they regain 1 health per day. With healing factor they can increase that rate substantially.

Healing Factors are limited to a level 1 healing factor for Humans and a level 2 healing factor possible for Beast-men.

  1. Healing Level 1(Cost +1):
    • 1 Health every 12 hours.
  2. Healing Level 2(Cost +2):
    • 1 Health every hour.
  3. Healing Level 3(Cost +4):
    • 1 Health every other round.
  4. Healing Level 4(Cost +6):
    • 1 Health every round.
  5. Healing Level 5(Cost +9):
    • Full Health every round.

The same applies for the character energy recovery. This only applies to a character that has energy based on durability and not based on intelligence.
Normally a character recovers an amount of energy equal to their current health. Depending on the level of healing the character has they get bonus energy back onto of this base rate.

  1. Healing Level 1-2: 3
    • +1 Energy per 2 Health
  2. Healing Level 3-4:
    • +1 Energy per Health
  3. Healing level 5:
    • Full energy every round.

When purchasing the healing factor a character begins with a cost equal to their level of durability and then adds the level of healing.
I.e. a character with 4 durability begins with a cost of 6 creation points. With a healing factor of 1 they character adds 1 cost level to that making it equal to a cost level 5, or 12 creation points.

Healing Factor

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