Cost = MN + 6

Luck is one of those things that always gets over looked. In a game where players roll dice a particularly lucky player will often succeed where he unlucky player may often fail. in the ARS luck is handled from your characters point of view.
There are 2 kinds of luck; Good luck and Bad Luck. When purchasing luck for yourself you will need to determine what kind of luck your character has.

Good Luck:
If your character has Good Luck then you can apply your modifier to ANY action you are attempting (except defense), This bonus only applies to an action until your are successful by 1 point. luck does not allow your actions to succeed by more than 1 point when relying on it. If the bonus does not allow you to succeed by 1 point, then it isn’t applied at all.

Damos (with good luck) is in a heated fight with Mr. Media. After a few rounds of exchanged pummeling Damos is running low on his energy. With this Damos puts all 3 into his attack this round. While Mr. Media puts all his remaining energy into defense, which is 3. (Normally Damos’ attack would miss, since attack ties go to defender, however, Damos has Good Luck as a 1.) Damos’ tired and relentless assault on Mr. Media is wearing him thin as he stumbles over a protruding stone allowing his last few strikes to be unfocused and hard to dodge, striking Mr. Media for 1 point.

Bad Luck:

A character with Bad Luck is particularly apt at messing up other people’s plans. ANY action(including defense) being attempted around you apply your luck modifier to. This increases the resistance of the action being performed until the person doing it fails by 1 point. If you cannot raise the resistance until the target fails by 1 point then there is no effect at all.

Damos (with bad luck) is in a heated fight with Mr. Media. After a few rounds of exchanged pummeling both Damos and Mr. Media are running low on energy. With this Damos puts all 3 energy into his attack and Mr. media puts all 3 energy into defense. (Normally this attacks would fail as a tie on attacking goes to defender, however Damos has Bad luck of 1.) Mr. Media holds his defense strong backing away from Damos. Suddenly Mr. Media loses his balance on a small protruding, creating an opening in his defense. Damos scores a solid strike on Mr. Media for 1 point.


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