Each and every attack is compared to the target’s defensive energy. If a character is attacked three times in a single sequence his defensive energy counts against each attack independently. Only the amount of energy that exceeds the targets defensive energy gets to do damage. Damage is the amount of energy remaining after the target’s defensive energy is subtracted.
Each instance of damage is then modified by any special attack rules (Such as x2 or x3) and added together. The damage is then subtracted from the target’s health at the end of combat.

If at any time the last point health is removed from a character you will get 2 Critical health in its place. You are automatically stunned (can’t do anything) for an Event and are pretty groggy afterwards. Meaning you will not regenerate any energy until you heal back to one health. If you lose 1 of those 2 critical health you fall into a coma, and if you lose the last critical, you die.
Some situations can specify what kind of damage the character receives, for example being burned or breaking bones. These specific types of damage can take longer than normal to heal. Other attacks will specify they attack the characters abilities such as Intelligence or Durability. In this case the Ability Number applies in full as Defense along with any applicable defensive modifiers even if no energy is in the Defense area. The effects of any damage are specific to the type of attack. For instance, a successful telepathy (vs. intelligence) takes over the target’s mind. While a successful Sonic attack (Vs. Durability) could render a character unconscious or deaf. Specific attacks often have specific results. Stun attacks remove energy from the targets Actions and Energy reserve instead of dealing damage to health.

Knocking out an opponent/Being knocked out

Whenever damage exceeds the durability value of the character the character can choose to be knocked out instead of take the damage. The reverse also applies; a character can attempt to force another character by attacking to Knockout, instead of damage. The option is the choice of the controlling player.
When a character is knocked unconscious or chooses to be, they are considered out of action for a number of Events equal to twice the damage they would have taken. So if Joe hit Paul for 3 damage and Paul chose to be knocked out, he would be out for 6 events.
In the case of extreme damage the player can now choose to be knocked out. In this case, if a character was to take an amount of damage that would completely wipe out all health in one attack they MUST take this damage. In an example if a character has 2 health they would need to take 8 damage, after defense, to be killed outright. The GM can opt for a knockout, but it is not a player choice. This kind of attack should only happen for storyline purposes.

Regeneration of Energy

Energy regenerates into your energy reserve at the beginning of every new sequence. This energy regenerates from 2 sources primarily. First and most often is from your health. For every health you have you recover one energy. Second is recovering through the intelligence option. With the Intelligence option you recover your Intelligence number in energy.
You can normally never have more Energy in your Energy pool then your Energy Max. If you do, for some supernatural or other reason, gain more Energy than your Pool Max those extra energy is removed at a rate of 1 per event. Until the extra energy is gone. “Healer” type characters can also regenerate energy for other characters.

Healing of Health

Health doesn’t naturally recover during a mission unless a character is being treated by a medial or supernatural healer, or if the character has a regenerative ability.
There are only 3 ways normally to heal health.

1) Natural Healing: Characters that aren’t fatally wounded will eventually recover health . This is a slow process however and doesn’t require the involvement of other characters.
2) Medical Healing: This involves the use of the Medical Healing Action by another character. Almost always aided by equipment (Such as a first aid kit). The other character must spend energy on the Action to cause the healing.
3) Unnatural Healing: This will involve another character with a Healing Action of some sort. This type of action doesn’t require the use of tools or equipment but the healing character must still spend energy.

Natural Healing:

Without medical aid it would take approximately the following amount of time periods to heal naturally from different ailments.
 Restoring first Health from Critical – 12 hrs
 Each health after first – 24hrs

Note: Characters on the last Critical of health (Coma) can not heal naturally and will need medical aid before they can begin to heal naturally.

Other damage takes longer to heal depending on what did it. Certain specific damages, like broken bones and disease can be healed in approximately the following time periods.
 Impaired (Drunk, Drugged or Sleep deprived) - up to a day
 Broken Bones – up to 6 weeks
 Sprains – up to 3 days
 Burns – 4 to 8 weeks
 Seriously Internal Injury – 4 to 8 weeks
 Poisoning – 3 to 7 days
 Illness – 2 weeks
 Disease – Various
 Common Cold – 2 weeks
Medical and Unnatural Healing:

Using the Healing Actions a healer can:
- Heal of Regenerate his Action Number in Health per Mission
- Heal or Regenerate his Action Number in Energy for someone else per event (rate of 1 to 1)

In treating a character who is on their last red (Coma) the healer must be able to spend 2 energy to bring the target back up to 1 health before they can heal any additional Health.

For playing purposes the only difference between Medical healing and Unnatural healing is that a character must have access to healing equipment to heal a character with the Medial Healing. While the Unnatural Healing doesn’t require equipment. This does however allow the Medial Healing to be substantially cheaper during character creation.
It is possible for the GM to (for story purpose) declare that an injury of illness cannot be healed through natural or unnatural means. They can also place special requirements on what it takes to heal some wounds like atoning for transgressions or dealing with demons. Or having to travel to an exotic location for a rare plant to produce an antidote.

Healing Factors:
Some characters or creatures may also have a better then natural ability to heal on their own. This modifier includes not only healing Health faster than normal but can also affect how different illnesses and damages can be healed. They also include the ability to regain 3 energy for every 2 durability instead of the 1 energy for 1 durability.


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