Core Faith

Shinto: The Way of Gods
Cost = Action Number + 2

Shinto is an ancient religion often under appreciated in the western world. Shinto of Torn Asunder is a combination of Traditional and Mythical Shinto as well as esoteric Buddhism or MikkyŨ. Using the strength of spirits and talismans imbued with a force of will the Shinto Protests and Maidens have are a strong force for humanity. The Way of Gods contains the Kuji-in, a set of 9 characters that are a source of mystic power.

Rin – Strength
Pyo/Hyo – Channel
To – Harmony
Sha – Healing
Kai – Sense of Danger
Jin – Reading of Thoughts
Retsu – Control of Space and Time
Zai – Sky/Element control
Zen – Enlightenment

Through the use of these paths the priest can access great powers.


  • Sense Magical Energies
  • Gain magical Defense equal to action number
  • Perform rituals of “Purification” on an area of person
  • Can sense the presence of spirits and demons, even if hidden within other people/objects.
  • Can sense surface thoughts (vs. Intelligence) on people.
  • Can be combined with general knowledge (or medical) to identify specific ailments.
  • Through the use of charms a shinto priest can maintin their magical effects even after leaving the area.. The charms were down eventually, but can store amazing amounts of power.
Cost = Action Cost + 2

A Shinto priest can amazing control over their spiritual energy. This control allows them to grant another person, obeject or a group of people extra energy at the sacrifice of their own. For every point of energy put into this action the priest can grant a target 2 additional energy. This energy can be split among multiple targets, but no more targets then the priests action number. Energy that exceeds the targets maximum energy dissipates at 1 energy per event.


  • Transfer energy to other people/objects
  • 2 energy transferred for every 1 in the action.
  • Can be split among multiple targets.
  • Over flow energy dissipates over time.
Cost = Action Number + 2

The Shinto priest of maiden has learned to harness their own perception of time. This allows them to focus their mind and grant themselves the benefit of Prescience. This effect lasts for a number of events equal to the energy you placed in the action. Once energy is placed in the action you cannot add additional energy until the effect duration ends.


Cost = Action Number + 2

The priest can create a ward against all forms of demons and spirits. This repels, not only their physical and spiritual forms, but any attacks directed at anything behind the ward.
For every point of energy to put into defense from this action you gain an additional free point from the general pool. The Ward is immune to armor penetration. The ward covers a 10’ radius from the priest and you can spend additional energy (which doesn’t count to defense) in increasing that range, as per area/leaping on d&r chart.


  • Defense +1 free energy per energy spent
  • protect self and others
  • Pay additional energy for greater area
  • Ignore armor penetration.
  • only effective against Spirits and Demons.
  • Shinto

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